Michael Weibel

Interactive Media Designer

from Basel, Switzerland

Hello, I’m Michael, one of the first people here in Switzerland with a Diploma as Interactive Media Designer. My main skills are in visual design, conception and photography.

I’m motivated, young-ish. If you are looking for somebody for a cool project, my email is below. Or just say hi. That’s totally okay too.


«Michael took my ideas and helped me to bring them to live how I needed them – not just how I wanted them to be. I totally recommend him as a designer and as a person.» — Flavian Graber

Why Work With Me?

Over the last few years got to see many companies, got to work on different projects in various fields and got to find my place in the design community.

As an allrounder for all the new (and old) digital and offline media I can give inputs, write concepts and do the most of the work myself (if I have to) or lead a team to the success of a project. Some of my credentials are: SBB, Basel Tourismus, Kindertag Liestal, Bürgergemeide Basel, SRK Basel, OHO Design, Manor Liestal, Gartenwerk Liestal, Update Youth Service, We Invented Paris, BT Metallbau GmbH Bennwil, Kulturmuseum Bubendorf and a few more.